At his Skull
and Bones
George H. W.
Bush was
given the
The companion warrior to Gog
on the other side of the Great
Hall's exit stairs is Magog,
with shield and spear in hand.
Source:  Anonymous. Magog. in The
Times. The City of London, 1927.
The figure by the exit stairs of the
Great Hall is the warrior Gog, with
a bow and arrow quiver on his back
and a spiked ball and chain on a
long pole in hand.  His companion,
Magog, was on the other side of the
Source:  Anonymous. Gog. in The Times. The City
of London, 1927.
In the Bible, Gog and Magog are referred to as a hostile power that is ruled by Satan and will
manifest itself immediately before the end of the world.  According to the The History of Gog
and Magog (information from ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA)  they are thought to represent
survivors of a race of giants destroyed by Brutus the Trojan, the legendary founder of London
(Troia Nova, or New Troy).  The Bible refers to a race of giants, a result of interbreeding between
the daughters of men and fallen angelic beings...the Nephilim.  Another researcher describes Gog
and Magog as symbolizing 'one of many links between the modern business institutions of the
City and its ancient history. This is but the most recent of their various re-births, which have
long been symbolised by the
phoenix on Magog's shield, representing return after fire. Today,
the words of Thomas Boreman in his "Gigantick History" of 1741 are as appropriate as ever. He
declared that "...the City of London, by placing these, their representatives in their Guildhall,
emblematically declare, that they will, like mighty giants defend the honour of their country and
liberties of this their City; which excels all others, as much as those huge giants exceed in stature
the common bulk of mankind." '

1) The link between the rebellious spirits of the Nephilim and
the antediluvian giants

2) The phoenix on Magog's shield

3) The leadership of London, England using these icons to express the
sentiment that the "
honour of their country and liberties of their City
excel all others.  

It is a stated fact of history that many of the legendary rulers of the nations, such as the
Pharaohs and the Caesars-considered themselves gods, or descended from the gods, and
demanded to be worshiped as such.   Also known is that whenever there is an intersection in
history with the people who worship the one true God (whether in Old of New Testament times)
and these god-kings, there is conflict and persecution for the followers of Jehovah.  The prideful
and rebellious spirit motivating these leaders and their minions not only drive them to demand
the worship which is deserving only to the Most High God, but instill within them a drive to
conquer and subjugate all other peoples and cultures, under the delusion that their race/culture
excels all others.  This has been practiced by every empire or culture which ever rose to ruling
supremacy throughout the history of man.  Therefore it comes as no surprise that this sentiment
is still displayed through the rise of the British empire and it's continuation by virtue of the
dominance of America economically and militarily today.  Other kingdoms of the past fulfilled
this role, and conquered the then known world during their tenure.  These all continued, only to
be overthrown by a successive power, as prophesied by the prophet Daniel.  In these last days,
America has emerged as the power to be reckoned with, the fourth kingdom upon earth...diverse
from all kingdoms...devouring the whole earth...treading it down, and breaking it in pieces.   

It is also imperative to note the symbol of the phoenix on Magog's shield.  Because there is a
nation which embraces that same icon as it's own...America.  What arcane meaning is buried in
the symbolism of the phoenix and what is it's relation to our nation?

Secret occult history has recorded that Masons originally envisioned the American Eagle to be
the Egyptian Phoenix Bird, that mythical occult creation that lives for up to 500 years and then
deliberately causes its own death.  [The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital:  The Masons
and the Building of Washington, D.C. , by David Ovason, Forward by C. Fred Kleinknecht, 33rd
Degree, Sovereign Grand Commander, The Supreme Council, 33rd (Mother Council of the
World), Southern Jurisdiction, U.S.A., Washington, D.C, p. 219.].  As the Phoenix dies, its body
suddenly erupts into flames and is totally consumed; however, out of the ashes of the old dead
Phoenix Bird, another new Phoenix Bird arises.  The only reason these Masons changed the
original Phoenix Bird to the American Eagle is that they were convinced that the American
public would not stand for the obviously Satanic symbol that the Phoenix Bird represented.  
Symbolically, our Masonic Founding Fathers intended to communicate that part of the New
World Order Plan which stipulates that, at the right moment in our history, the America that has
faithfully led the rest of the world for so long into the new global system of Antichrist, will
suddenly burst into flames and be totally consumed by fire.
 However, out of the ashes of the old
America will rise the new global system of Antichrist.

Their diabolical plan is doomed to ultimately fail.  We know from the inerrant word of God that
immediately following the judgment of divine fiery destruction upon America, the glorious
Millennial reign of Jesus Christ will be ushered in.

The Nordic and Anglo peoples descended from the Japhetic line of Noah.  All other races and
cultures have had their opportunity to ascend to greatness and in some cases, rule the then
known world in their time, i.e.  the dynasties of China, the Pharaohic lines, the great kings of the
continent of Africa, the Arabs under the Moors, the Indo-Europeans, Greco-Roman civilizations,
empires of India, the Aztecs and Incas in the western hemisphere and even Israel under King
Solomon.    Each nation/ethnicity either served idol gods, or refused to acknowledge God
(Romans 1:18-23) and eventually was either conquered or absorbed by another nation or culture,
slowly but surely falling from the pinnacle of power into obscurity.  With the advent of the
Renaissance, the Japhetic line has taken the reins of world domination, leading up to (and which
will culminate in) the last empire, the one world government, the fulfillment of the endeavor on
the plain of Shinar...the kingdom of the Antichrist.  The tragedy is not that they have achieved
this level of dominion, for indeed it was prophesied to happen.  The tragedy is that most
Americans and especially evangelical Christians cannot believe that this kingdom/culture is
likewise doomed.  If all have sinned, and fallen short of the glory of God, and God had to send
His Son to die for the sins of the whole world, how then does "Christian" America imagine this
nation will continue to stand while nations around it are judged?  It is because they cannot bring
themselves to acknowledge that it is "great Babylon" spoken of in Revelation 16:19.  By
redefining Gog And Magog as representative of America and the coalition of the western
societies, the battle of Ezekiel 38-39 assumes an entirely different scenario.  This writer is aware
that many teach that Libya and Iran will align themselves with Russia to attack Israel, but as
recently as this year, we see the US and Libya moving to restore normal relations.  According to
an article dated 27 May 2004 by George Gedda, Associated Press writer, "American willingness
to seek out Libyan cooperation reflects the progress that U.S. ties with Libya have made in
recent months. Libya's decision last December to dispose of its deadliest weapons has
transformed the relationship dramatically. The two countries are in the process of establishing
normal diplomatic relations."  It is quite possible also that Iran will take notice of the object
lesson which is been made of Iraq, and agree to cooperate for the sake of being spared.

Gog/Magog is the Spiritual Military Entity driving Western
conquest of this present world

We also see that Satan is able, at the end to the Thousand Year Reign of Peace, to muster a huge
opposition military force from people controlled by this same entity in a last ditch effort to
overthrow the sovereignty of the Kingdom of God. This attempted will be aborted with
overwhelming force by God and represents the last recorded incident of rebellion recorded
in scripture.